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“Ken is a fantastic and professional tiler. Our project at Westminster Abbey involved fitting 300 sq m of Purbeck marble into a medieval part of the Abbey which was being converted into a restaurant/cafe. The skill levels required for marble are very different to that of normal tiles and both Ken’s technical knowledge and his practical expertise is excellent. He fitted the tiles with great care. Ken is polite, co-operative and a good communicator.

Ken worked to a very tight programme and without Ken’s effort, long working hours and commitment to the project, the job would never have been completed on time.

Ken’s attention to detail which he demonstrated at Westminster Abbey is as good as we have ever seen in a subcontractor. It was a pleasure to have him on our team.”

Paul Robins, Working Foreman, Noble & Taylor (Ongar) Ltd
& Joe Clarke, Site Manager, Noble & Taylor (Ongar) Ltd.

Joe Clarke & Paul Robins

Ken and his team made a fantastic job of Gladwin’s Farm, their punctual professional approach goes a long way. The meticulous planning that the Huds tiling team put into every room is astonishing, The team really do treat every project as if it were their own.

A real pleasure to work with I would recommend Huds tiling to anyone one who wants a perfect job.

Paul Robins (Noble and Taylor)

Paul Robins

Hud’s Tiling Services have carried out work on several of our high end projects in London and have proven time and time again to be extremely talented tradesmen who take pride in their work.
Hud’s have the necessary team in place to meet the challenges of any residential or commercial project that they are given whilst retaining quality and reliability on behalf of the main contractor.
The high standard of quality that our company require coupled with often compressed project time lines often sets its own challenges however Hud’s Tiling continues to meet their targets whilst ensuring quality and professionalism every time.
Compliments must also go to Ken himself for manner in which he carefully prices, plans and completes his projectsand having such talented skillset no doubt allows himself and his company to remain competitive, reputable and professional within the current construction industry in and around the London area.

Mark Shields (MCIOB)
Projects Manager
EHA Group

Mark Shields (MCIOB)

The church priest and her congregation are very proud of their beautiful monument, steeped in history, including visits from one of King Henry VIIIs wives. They wanted to replace the old lino flooring with new Ruabon Welsh quarry tiles, to match in with the existing tiles, which could not be removed because of their historical significance.

Huds Tiling Services were presented with several problems, mostly in terms of the setting out of the new metric sized tile, to blend in with the old imperial tiles. Grading the levels was complicated, as the church floor had suffered from considerable subsidence over the past 150 years, when the original Victorian tiles were laid. The client asked tiles to be repaired, made good, and blend in with the existing tiles, to provide a better match between old and new.

Huds Tiling Ltd. careful set out the floor, the work progressed very quickly, and the client was extremely pleased with the outcome. Huds tiling team were even invited back for one of the Sunday services to meet the congregation.

Peter Tamayo (Noble and Taylor)

Peter Tamayo

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